Pearl River One | Archframe Design Awards 2022

For many people residing in urban, a living space is where to carry the most memories. The inspiration comes from the city’s memory of Guangzhou itself. Guangzhou is at the center of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic zone in China’s Greater Bay Area and is honored as the ‘Southern Gate’ to the world. Moreover, Guangzhou is a remarkable city with the temperament of a metropolitan, fashionable and romantic, and a small city’s unique loose life attitude, free and relaxing. Therefore, this project adopts the concept of classical and modern and integrates the light luxury style into the design.

The floor layout represents iconic areas of Chinese geography, interpreting their essence into the design of the space and its decoration. Guangzhou has been the center of cultural fusion, especially the area around the Pearl River, constantly absorbing and evolving with foreign cultures. The new French way of living is becoming more trendy, and people are paying more attention to the lifestyle and how to enjoy life better.

The open kitchen and living-dining room are connected, no longer defining the boundaries of space, either broad or narrow, hazy or clear, triggering people’s behavior in the area with the selection of furniture, carrying all the memories of family gatherings.

Hard furnishings and walls are partitioned visually by dark and light colors to make a functional cut. French design’s modern luxury style gives people strength, solemnity, and composure. Using stone materials adds a sense of space, texture, and volume. Combined with the bright black-and-white relationship, it embodies the meaning of rules and rigorous space, creating a modern lifestyle.

The soft furnishings are fashionable and elegant with a sense of art, showing the refined high-end and personal taste attitude of life so that people are immersed in this simple, generous, exquisite, and elegant infinite visual memory.

French design’s modern luxury draws on finding a balance between sleek elegance and timeless class. Items like dining tables and chairs are used as an opportunity to be expressive and artistic while remaining within the confines of tasteful luxury that exudes richness.

After all, the interior aims to be a splendid place to find an extraordinary variety of elements that will impress the visitor. Sometimes, houses become places for meetings, parties, and rest. Therefore, the design seeks elegance and sophistication and embraces a welcoming atmosphere. Artistic pieces and original details are the keywords of people living in a dream.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2022
Design Firm – Harmony World Consultant & Design
Project Title – Pearl River One
Project Category – Residential Interior
Status – Built
Designer – Jiaxi Feng
Design Team – Haochen Qian, Qisheng Tang, Ming Li
Profile – Professional Designer
Country – China