Shiprapath Park | Archframe Design Awards 2023

The project is a part of the redevelopment plan for Dravyawati River, Jaipur. The scope of the project is limited to the redevelopment and beautification of the Shipra Park located along the Dravyavati River.

In this 450M long linear park, the site level is approximately 8 meters above the proposed water channel formation levels, which disconnects the river front development. Therefore the concept is to convert undulating land forms into multi level gardens.

This resulted in zoning most of the areas at the Upper zone of the site which is connected at various points to the lower zone by activities like Maze, Open air theatre and Pathways leading to the Bund level. The site gets a natural water pond on the lower level of the site where the storm water can be collected during monsoons. A series of check dams are also provided on the lowest side of the site which then gets connected to the Nallah.

All the activity zones are connected through a continuous pedestrian walkway/ jogging track that loops around the entire site. A cycle track is separately provided near one of the entrances to segregate pedestrian and bike movement.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – Anagram Architects
Project Title – Shiprapath Park
Project Category – Landscape Design
Status – Built
Architect – Vaibhav Dimri
Design Team – Vaibhav Dimri, Madhav Raman, Shruti Dimri, Khyati Kohli
Profile – Professional Architect
Country – India