Vision of Christ Church @ KORAT | Archframe Design Awards 2023

SEED of LIGHT, the architecture-based innovation that transformed the use of light in religious architecture as an element of association with the divine has been integrated throughout the chronology of design movement. Chronologically, a series of temples, churches and mosques from various religions have used this tectonic as an attempt to visually and perceptibly approach humans to a sacred and intangible dimension. Light is often given a spiritual connotation and significant symbolic or cosmic force, capable of modifying people’s relationships, perceptions, and experiences with their environments. Thus, it is an element that has been, and still is, used by architecture to create scenarios and effects in many religious spaces, especially churches.

The Vision of Christ Church: VCC @ Korat, architects have incorporated lighting into the innovative church projects, reinterpreting and transforming this historical relationship between light and the divine by creating a sacred environments and scenarios with monumental luminous effects. Plays of effective light and shadow, colored light beams, or depthless-openings and frames that project light effects inside churches are some of the architectural syntaxes and strategies used, which also help to reaffirm the monumentality associated with these spaces.

The church itself is a modern interpretation of a traditional Thai character, with a sense of lightness, a sense of transparency and a sense of tranquility and coolness. These intangible qualities and values additionally provide the building with a strong sense of perspective, as the appearance of the church changes depending on the angle of one’s viewpoint of modern churches that use light in a scenic and symbolic way, attempting to visually unite architecture and the divine, the visible and intangible qualities and values in revealing modern Thai architectural identity are integrated.

Taweecool architects designed the conceptual preliminary of proposed VCC @ Korat as a first draft, a unique range of solutions, dedicated to the frameless and depthless cross and all windows for design innovation and design integration, enabling our visual approach to meet the most ambitious architectural visions.”

Fundamental Aims

  1. To provide architectural values of modern Thai character with a sense of creativity into design development.
  2. To give spatial qualities and values via a sense of transparency of tradition-based tectonics.

To apply the most advanced technology of LCDs to establish an environmental example for the future.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – Taweecool Architects
Project Title – Vision of Christ Church @ KORAT
Project Category – Public Building
Status – Unbuilt
Architect – Taweecool Architects
Design Team – Prof. Khiensak Seangklieng,Ph.D, Sirichai Tonthong
Profile – Professional Architect
Country – Thailand