Old City Panorama | Archframe Design Awards 2021

Tbilisi is a city where primarily concern in terms of urban development is the adaption of architecture with existing environment, considering the landscape and maintaining the scale of the buildings surrounding the project area, which in most cases requires distinctive and unique approach.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2021
Design Firm – Artytechs
Project Title – Old City Panorama
Project Category – Housing Multi-Family
Status – Unbuilt
Architect/Designer – Darejan (Daduna) Shatashvili
Design Team – George Lezhava, George volski
Practice – Professional Architect
Country – Georgia

Tbilisi is characterized with terraced terrain which accordingly directs our architectural vision to tailor our projects in a corresponding way. This kind of approach makes the landscape diverse, attractive and interesting for all types of buildings, whether it is residential, commercial or of any other kind. Hanging gardens with the automatic irrigation system promote the vertical development of the landscape and aesthetically blends with the exterior of a building. Instead of massive concrete buildings we bring a new look of the city, contributing to the proper architectural development in Tbilisi.

The main part of the building consists of 4 floors, which is vertically developed on the landmark of the highest point of the terrain. The rest of the building is correspondingly adapted to the terraced landscape, creating extra 4 floors on the slope.

The building includes both residential and commercial areas. There are 2 types of living spaces, apartments and spaces resembling town houses. Townhouses are set on the slope, lowest point of a terrain. Each townhouse has its own individual yard with views on the city. Above the town houses there is a parking lot, the facade of which will be fully covered with a decorative garden and automatic irrigation system.

Three independent residential buildings are connected by bridges. Considering modern lifestyle, common spaces in residential complexes is becoming of even greater importance, making people connect and closer to one another. Each building has a flat roofing, used for different purposes. We decided to go with the principle of green roofing, with an outdoor swimming pool to encourage and promote healthier way of life. Such an architectural solution and design helps the city to preserve the look of a natural landscape, while adding the functionality to the roof. We believe such an approach is very much needed for the urban development of the city, both functionally and aesthetically.