Humaniti Hotel Montreal Autograph Collection | Archframe Design Awards 2022

Humaniti Hotel is located inside a spectacular vertical community in Montreal. Indoors, Humaniti Hotel is comfortable, sophisticated, and upbeat. The lobby’s design lines are soft and sensuous, with cushy sofas and club chairs wrapped in velvety fabrics and pops of yellow, aqua, and fuchsia. The whole design is inspired by the tension between sharpness and delicacy, with the chandelier of the lobby, for example, twisted in the sinuous shape of a DNA strand, which balances the geometric floors, and striking ceiling pattern, along with the gold linear partition. The same holistic approach characterizes the night area. The 193 guest rooms and suites boast floor-to-ceiling windows, silvery and white decor with warm wood accents, and lustrous, silky drapes against rough concrete pillars. The color palette consists primarily of rich yellows and deep teal. This fosters a rich balance between the happiness and spontaneity of yellow and the tranquility and peaceful optimism of teal. The geometric patterns found in the guest rooms, seen both in the carpet and bathroom tile, underscore the overall architecture of Humaniti. These elements provide a vibrant contrast to softer design elements, such as the artwork inspired by mother nature and the human-like pair of sculptures.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2022
Design Firm – Lemay+Escobar Architecture, DPC
Project Title – Humaniti Hotel Montreal Autograph Collection
Project Category – Hospitality Interior
Status – Built
Designer – Andres Escobar
Design Team – Andres Escobar, Haley Wagg, Yuliana Weinberg
Country – United States