Najing Poly Peakview Sales Centre | Archframe Design Awards 2022

The Poly Peakview Sales Centre is located in the core area of Nanjing. It is the city’s new top investment hot spot and has a beautiful surrounding environment with perfect supporting facilities. The client wanted to deliver a comfortable place with quality and class.

The exterior facade of the sales centre is composed of curved elements and glass blocks and shares a simple and transparent architectural form. The light shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows and builds the integration of the architectural characteristics and surrounding landscape.

The interior design takes ‘Life Art Museum’ as the design ambition and derives the concept of ‘dreamland.’ With art as the starting point, the project adheres to the contemporary urbanite’s aesthetic concept of freedom and fashion through the conscious structure of reality and dream. The interspersed, deconstructed, and curvy art design techniques create a transparent and flowing art exhibition space parallel with life.

The tone of the interior space design is light beige gray. The different brightness of gray and the relationship between warm and cold color tones enrich the color palette of the place. Furthermore, the advanced color use conveys the purity of contemporary fashion and artistic sense so that the entire sales space personality helps to create a modern creative life aesthetic museum.

Developing from the architectural material, the texture of Nanjing’s natural stone is extracted to become an important design symbol. This geometric element is deconstructed and structured into a new modern vocabulary. Geometric blocks and organic lines are freely overlapped in the interior, and the simple modern aesthetics makes the space elegant and exquisite. The wall of the reception area has directly applied the pattern and keeps a consistent aesthetic as the building, and the practice continues its existence on the wall at the bar and columns around.

Lighting also plays a significant role in the design. The effect of light and shadow defines the artistic atmosphere. The decorative pendant lighting above the sand model has a creative shape and stimulates unlimited imagination. The display of models of the show houses resembles the theme of ‘Life Art Museum.’

The grid skylight in the negotiation area makes the height of the space look more pleasant. The decorative lighting has a cloud shape, as if the guests are sitting under a clear sky. The shimmering effect of the pendant lighting gives a twinkle scene at night and creates a special memory.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2022
Design Firm – Harmony World Consultant & Design
Project Title – Najing Poly Peakview Sales Centre
Project Category – Interior Design
Status – Built
Designer – Hongjun Lin
Design Team – Qiuqian Li, Yang Li, Li Chen, Yue Ren, Chen Chen
Profile: Professional Designer
Country – China