The In & Out Luxury Villa | Archframe Design Awards 2022

The objective of this project was to bring warmth back into this villa, which had a much more sober and impersonal appearance. We therefore chose to bring it back through the use of various materials.

The entire renovation was designed with natural materials such as stone and wood and neutral colours such as beige and green, which remind us of the villa’s outdoor environment, which we can see from all the spaces thanks to the large windows.

Stone is found in the kitchen, on the walls and on the ceiling, to visually separate this space from the others, while enhancing it.

This same marble is also found on the majestic double fireplace, which is located both in front of the kitchen and in the living room, where it extends over its entire double height, thus supporting the verticality of the space. The green of this marble has been used in the creation of the custom-made furniture to the left of it, where the choice of curved shapes has been made to break with the very linear and square aspect of the whole space. This is also how the furniture was chosen in all the rooms.

The golden colour of the kitchen is also used in all the spaces and notably in the living room where we find a wall entirely covered with golden ceramic, which gives relief to the space and also highlights the beautiful high ceiling. It is also found around the frame of the fireplace, which has been designed to highlight the wood fire inside.

We wanted to isolate the living room from the rest of the space. The aim here was to create a real interior space but also an exterior one, with openings all the way up, so that if the users wish, they can enjoy all the advantages of their garden, while sitting on their sofa with the 180° view offered by the bay windows.

As for the wallpapers, they were all created by us, using the different colours of the marble, wood and ceramics, but also the environment of the villa, and in particular the city of Brussels, as we can see in the dining room.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2022
Design Firm – Isabel Gómez Studio
Project Title – The In & Out Luxury Villa
Project Category – Interior Design
Status – Unbuilt
Designer – Isabel Gómez
Design Team – Isabel Gómez
Profile: Professional Designer
Country – Belgium