Galaxy of Life | Archframe Design Awards 2021

In early 2018, Concept i was commissioned to carry out the renovation design of the 250,000 sq. m (GFA) Citystars Mall, including architecture, interiors, lighting, wayfinding, digital media, and landscape. Open in 2004, Citystars was Egypt’s first integrated mixed-use development with over 750,000 m2 and 1.5 billion $US investment. The work is currently in the “mock-up” stage, commencing construction.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2021
Design Firm – concept i
Project Title – Galaxy of Life
Project Category – Commercial Building 
Project Status – Unbuilt
Architect/Designer – Nunthiya S.
Design Team – Francesc D.
Practice – Professional Architect
Country – Thailand


  1. Completely refresh the brand and space identity of the mall.
  2. Identify potential additional leasing space that could be activated.
  3. Improve and update all exterior entrances, retail plazas, and facades.
  4. Propose interior renovations, improve flow to upper levels.
  5. Integrate digital media as a major, entertainment generator in the mall.


A major part of the renovation is the conversion of an outdoor parking area into a new 35,000 m2 indoor/outdoor RDE (retail/dining/entertainment) zone. Three levels of restaurant terraces surround a fountain show lake, all covered with gigantic shade canopies. The canopies provide a spectacular entrance statement for the mall, seen from afar and from final approach flight paths above.


The 6 entrances are redesigned to provide a spectacular entrance experience. 3-4 level high, semi-permeable shade canopies improve street front visibility and are designed with soft fluid forms, branded patterning, light-toned finishes, and dramatic internal illumination. The retail entrance facades were penetrated with larger areas of curtain wall transparency, to open welcoming views into the mall. Materials are specified locally as much as possible and ME&P systems are upgraded for optimum efficiency including LED lighting, water, and power conservation. High-performance UV glass provides increased heat protection.


The mall interiors are dominated by 4 spectacular atriums, reaching 8 levels high. Each space is designed as an iconic destination within the Galaxy of Life theme; Orion, Eclipse, Solaris, and Starport. Soft, curved passages, serpentine mall edges, light, creamy stone finishes mimic the flow of the Nile. Visitors experience a collage of giant lotus and papyrus terraces washed in daylight and accentuated with soft color illumination in the evenings. The inner facade of Starport, a vast 150 m long colonnade, is inspired by the mythological Solar Ship found beside the Giza pyramids. Similar to Galaxia, this space awakens with sound and lights experiential effects at special times throughout the day.