Thailand Samui Butterfly Villas | Archframe Design Awards 2021

The project is located in Kapura, northeast of Koh Samui Island, Thailand, 4.8 km from Koh Samui International Airport, 5 km from Lamai Beach, and 3 km from Wat Phra Yai.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2021
Design Firm – GWP Architects
Project Title – Thailand Samui Butterfly Villas
Project Category – Hospitality Design
Architect/Designer – Guowei Zhang
Design Team – GWP Architects
Practice – Professional Architect
Country – China

The project is located on a sloping half-hill of Samui Island with 180 degrees of sea view, covers an area of 6561.3 square meters, and the proposed total construction area of 5,300 square meters. The architectural firm of the project resembles that of a butterfly resting and flapping its wings. The buildings twist freely and adapt to each other along the mountain. Considering the landscape vision and the privacy between the villas, 270-degree wide-angle lighting is achieved while the villas are cleverly blocked between themselves and keep with the view.

Surrounded by a wide variety of tropical plants, the mid-levels offer a tranquil and intimate environment, and you can indulge in with unobstructed sea views of the northern Samui Island from a high spot .

Combined with the beautiful architectural butterfly shape, interior space design is inspired by the extraction of various butterfly colors, through delicate materials and rich color rendering, the space with rich colors and elegant forms is further highlighted, so that the indoor and outdoor “butterflies” add radiance and beauty to each other, dancing in nature.

The entertainment area continues the beautiful curves of butterfly wings, and the staircase running through the floor is like the trajectory of butterflies flying and hovering in nature, with natural light entering the room through stairs to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere; The special shape of the wall and the ceiling is reflected in the light, and the butterfly posture appears more vivid.

The interior design of the main guest room continues the theme of colorful butterflies with wooden finishes and custom carpets while creating imaginative shapes through free-flowing lines. The geometric picture hangs gracefully behind the bed, while the suite offers panoramic views, and its entire floor-to-ceiling windows can allow in sunlight from the seaside.

The guest room space uses sea-blue carpets for space layout, and cyan cushions continue the theme of colorful butterflies. In addition, the architect has placed an infinity pool here, creating an extraordinary space atmosphere that further enhances the quality of the space.

Meanwhile, the unique design of set back model also creates a 40 meters long infinity swimming pool which forms a unique experience for the people.