Viewpoint By The Sea | Archframe Design Awards 2021

The project to be developed is located in La Manga del Mar Menor, right next to the Mediterranean Sea, T.M. of Cartagena (Murcia) Spain. It consists of the development of a viewpoint by the sea, the pedestrianization of Proa Street and Rompiente Street that allows people to reach the edge of the sea by incorporating a connecting walkway that facilitates pedestrian accessibility to the beach.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2021
Design Firm – Enrique Minguez Arquitectos
Project Title – Viewpoint By The Sea
Project Category – Landscape Design
Status – Built
Architect/Designer – Enrique Minguez Martinez
Design Team – David Maestre Celdrán, Soledad Almansa, Maria Vera
Practice – Professional Architect
Country – Spain

The projected area runs along the waterfront, next to the Hotel Galua and the road that connects this unique space with the Plaza Bohemia (center of La Manga del Mar Menor).

The scope of work presents several problems:

– The occupation of the maritime edge by the parking of vehicles in an uncontrolled manner.

-The lack of shade and vegetation

– The difficulty of access to the beach for people with reduced mobility.

– The orography of the land, especially the area near the Hotel Galua parking.

– The lack of a characteristic image for a place with exceptional views and the non-invasion of the Maritime Terrestrial Public Domain (DPMT).

Environmental Sustainability Indicators have been taken into account in the proposal, which has allowed us to:

– Increase the space dedicated to the pedestrian to the detriment of the car.

– To calculate the correct proportions of shade and vegetation.

– Select trees taking into account the landscape, the environment and CO2 consumption.

– Design permeable paving materials.

– Use Recyclable, Renewable and Reusable materials.

A green strip formed by plant islands of varying topography is planned to separate vehicular traffic from the pedestrian route along the Mediterranean Sea.  A new pedestrian path is incorporated between the volcanic rock that links with the removable wooden platforms located by the existing rocky surfaces, leading to a wooden grandstand next to the beach sand.

The greening and shading of the area is achieved by the plant islands and the pergola. The plant islands are formed by rows of local trees, such as Taray (Tamarix spp), Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) and Aleppo Pine (Pinus halepensis). The pergola is built by cruciform profiles of plates and stainless steel mesh, located on the highest existing rocky promontory of the complex.

The intervention has led to a transformation of the urban seafront in accordance with the Coastal Law and its Regulations, enabling an easy walking access to the beach and a new recreational area in a privileged environment.