Food and Friends by Westend | Archframe Design Awards 2023

In response to the digital age’s influence on consumer expectations, shopping malls worldwide are reimagining their spaces. The future demands integration of innovative technology, redefined space utility, and a more profound emphasis on eco-friendly endeavors. Leading the way in these pioneering changes is the management of Westend, a renowned shopping hub in Budapest’s heart. Recognizing the need to stay ahead, they embarked on the most significant renovation since the mall’s inception – a complete transformation of their food court.

The resulting marvel, “Food&Friends by Westend,” isn’t just a dining area – it’s a modern-day community space crafted with exceptional attention to detail. This revitalized zone stands as a testament to how well research, values, and sustainability can harmoniously merge, all the while maintaining rigorous ESG guidelines. Central to this reimagining is a series of unique furniture, designed and built specifically for this space. Crafted from FSC-certified oak, every piece resonates with Westend’s dedication to sustainability. This commitment extends beyond mere aesthetics; even the sourcing prioritizes ecological balance, with the oak originating from nearby Hungarian forests.

What’s impressive is the dual focus on design and functionality. With an astute design strategy, seating capacity has been amplified by 10%, making room for more visitors without compromising on the ambient spaciousness. These ergonomically designed seating arrangements come with contemporary conveniences – in-built wireless phone chargers and USB ports, enhancing visitor experience. Such innovations echo Westend’s forward-thinking vision, making the most of every opportunity, even utilizing wood remnants as unique decorative pieces and workshop materials.

Operational efficiency wasn’t an afterthought. From energy-conserving mechanical systems to mood-enhancing adjustable lighting, every facet of the redesigned space is optimized for sustainability, visitor experience, and operational efficiency. A stunning 45-meter-long LED wall further amplifies the grandeur, ensuring visitors are transported into an immersive, sensorial environment.

Westend’s transformation, constituting 15% of the entire mall, isn’t just a renovation; it’s a bold step in reimagining what dining in shopping centers can truly be.

Residual wood breathes life into decorative art pieces, embodying the ethos of zero waste. Operational facets, too, shimmer with sustainability—energy-conserving mechanisms, coupled with a mesmerizing 45-meter-long LED wall, redefine ambiance. This rejuvenation, spanning 15% of Westend, isn’t just a facelift; it’s a paradigm shift in shopping center dining.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – Hello Wood Zrt.
Project Title – Food and Friends by Westend
Project Category – Interior Design
Status – Built
Architect – Hello Wood Zrt.
Design Team – Design And Build: Hello Wood Zrt. Design Board: András Huszár, Péter Pozsár, Dávid Ráday, Krisztián Tóth Lead Architects: András Huszár, Péter Pozsár, Viktória Simon, Gergely Sándor Project Architects: Dániel Szeifert, Gábor Fülöp Architects: László Mangliár, Katalin Kitti Kiss, Ádám Bedrossian, Tamás Fülöp
Profile – Professional Architect
Country – Hungary