Teachers’ Residences at The Doon School | Archframe Design Awards 2023

With a lush 70 acre campus, the historic Doon School is home to approximately 500 students and about 50 teaching staff. Key to the ethos of the school is the special bond between the teachers and their wards, which verges on the filial. Almost all the teachers live on the campus and in and out of the classroom, are actively involved in the academic, pastoral and co-curricular guidance offered to each student.

The Teacher’s Housing at the Doon School looked to enhance the family accommodation for the faculty while maintaining this special bond. 18 residences of about 223 sqm each are organised on 2 separate sites in staggered rows, running East-Southeast to West-Northwest. The units maintain existing sightlines of the campus with four sharing a staircase so as to conserve land. Rather than stand-alone villas with private gardens, a walk-up apartment typology was used, with shared greens, making them more accessible to the students territorially. Simple formal articulation and crisp elemental expression ensures that the residences are less imposing and welcoming to the students. Gabled volumes of the units act as sit outs balconies and verandahs, while their staggered formation breaks the contiguity of the facades and accommodates existing trees close to the footprint.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – Anagram Architects
Project Title – Teachers’ Residences at The Doon School
Project Category – Housing-Multi-Family
Status – Built
Architect – Shruti Dimri
Design Team – Madhav Raman, Vaibhav Dimri, Shruti Dimri
Profile – Professional Architect
Country – India