Neighborhood center in the “3rd place” typology | Archframe Design Awards 2023

The architects envisioned this space as a way to empower residents and build strong neighborly relationships. The neighborhood center can be used to watch movies together, make decisions about home management, work, lectures, workshops or birthday celebrations. The space seems to expand the boundaries of the apartment. You can play with your children in it when it’s raining outside and you’re bored with your usual surroundings. You can do homework or study with a tutor. Here you can discuss a new startup with friends or hold a business meeting.

The room has a flexible layout without strict zoning, but is conditionally divided by function. A living room, a space for master classes, a kitchen and dining room, a children’s playroom, and a transformable coworking space are designed here. There is also a small Skype room for recording live broadcasts, tik-toks, podcasts or online conversations. The architects used curtains, contrasting colors and mobile solutions in furniture as dividers for different zones.

The interior of the neighborhood center emphasizes wear-resistant materials and furniture, as it is assumed that the space will be actively used. The furniture is mainly made of wood in warm shades. Accents are created in textiles, upholstery of soft areas and accessories. The entire space is made in muted natural shades: light gray, graphite, beige, grass green, orange-brown. The walls are painted with washable paint: in case of wear, defects can be easily eliminated. Gray quartz vinyl is laid on the floor.

The interior is designed to be full of light thanks to panoramic windows. They are not blocked by any objects or furniture, which makes the space even more spacious and bright. The lighting is multi-level and designed for different use scenarios: work, leisure, event.

The center of the space is a large curved dining table. This form allows you to gather many friends and neighbors behind it. In the center of the table is a tree as a symbol of life.

The neighborhood center in Eurobereg is a good reason to spend more time inside the microdistrict without leaving the city, or even more time inside the house without leaving the entrance. Work, study, attend events where you live. This approach is consistent with the global practice of Mixed Use. Already, more than 100 visitors pass through the center every day, and several communities of interests have formed: theater lovers, artists, athletes, children’s clubs, history buffs.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – Brusnika Design
Project Title – Neighborhood center in the “3rd place” typology
Project Category – Public Building
Status – Built
Architect – Brusnika Design, studio Shubochkini
Design Team – Brusnika Design, studio Shubochkini
Profile – Professional Architect
Country – Russian Federation