Tahreek Space | Archframe Design Awards 2023

Tahreek space is a collective space that invites designers, art enthusiasts, wholesome foodies, and yogis. Bringing elements from the founders’ creative backgrounds in design and animation, their travels, holistic spirit, and love of food. Tahreek, the word, is ever-changing, constantly evolving, moving forward, shifting, and aligning with nature and art. We as humans are always changing as we experience the world. Tahreek space allows us to achieve that as a community. Through seasonal food, changing products and meaningful gifts, mind and body awareness with yoga, and a space to host artists.

The founders pursued their personal work and creative expression through design, participating in art fairs and galleries. The thing that was always missing was having space that could host the collaborators that they loved working with. A physical space where they can be comfortable to share ideas and experiences, to find other like-minded people. Creating a community that thrives through art and design.

The original floor plan was only one level on the ground floor with an area of 362 sqm, However, a Mezzanine level was an additional constructed level to the space with a total area of 186.5 sqm. The design at the earlier stages was completely different from the final design approach. It was mainly focused on bringing natural elements such as greenery inside the space and incorporating plants with the overall design. However, the final design approach changed when we decided to go with the main concept of the store which is motion de­sign.

The final design revolves around two ele­ments, the first one is located at the center of the space which we call the Tahreek Element, it is an infinity shape that is rooted in the ground up to the Mezzanine level. It has a unique design that makes it one of a kind as you can see different shapes from different angles. Tahreek space is a place that brings people with the same lifestyle together, and Tahreek element is a representation of that concept. The second element which makes the space in motion is the shapes that are located at the left side wall as you enter the space. These elements have a mechanism of mov­ing which reflects on the main concept. Tahreek means something that is in motion and from there FBS came up with the design of these moving elements to follow the dynamic aspect of the store con­cept.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – Focal Buildings Solutions
Project Title – Tahreek Space
Project Category – Mixed-Use
Status – Built
Designer – Sara Batterjee
Design Team – Sara Batterjee, Bushra Abu Madi, Bashayer Al Jahdali, Mohammed Zuhair
Profile – Professional Designer
Country – Saudi Arabia