URBAN UMBRELLA | Archframe Design Awards 2023

The project comprises of 70,000 Square feet of built-up area with 8 unique towers designed for various unit typologies. ​As designers, we highly rely on sketching as a medium to convey our thoughts, visions and articulated designs.​

For our upcoming high density, high rise residential development, the “VUEE WORLD” forms a medium of definition of streetscape while giving a unique identity to the urbanscape. This canopy binds the continuous network of pathways and experiences that are comfortable, encouraging public engagement and interaction giving them a sense of belongingness.

Our vision to revitalize an upcoming commercial development aims to bring nature and wellness together by creating lush green spaces that offer public access for small networks of pathways which create an adventurous routing within and around the landscape. Together they generate a multi-functional campus, including various vending machines, reading zones, play area and spaces for recreation.

it takes inspiration from the evolution of Bubble: right from their raw form, dual characteristics and visual appearance. The building is enveloped in BUBBLE glass, that is color changing thereby becoming a canvas for the expression of art and culture within the public realm. The Bubble Glass is UV protected plus it has porous umbrella like opening in the top of the bubble which filter the unwanted air and creates oxygen room to breathe. The exaggerated water elements are beautifully planned which appear as illuminated structures of art against the dark night sky.

By introducing transitional balance between indoor and outdoor spaces, a sense of segregation, privacy, and zoning is created.

Gold Winner – Archframe Design Awards 2023
Design Firm – VUEE DESIGN
Project Title – URBAN UMBRELLA
Project Category – Landscape Design
Status – Unbuilt
Design Team – Prateek Malhotra
Profile – Professional Architect
Country – India